Islam implies Submission and dutifulness (to Allah), Humility, accommodation and conformance (to the Laws of Allah), Safety, security, resistance or flexibility from detestable, Peace. Islam is a lifestyle whereby one takes upon oneself what Allah Has appointed and His Messenger for all intents and purposes exhibited and passed on to the humanity. It involves adding up to accommodation and acquiescence to Allah that leads one to peace, and wellbeing, security, resistance and flexibility from disasters and tribulations of any sort shape inside or without.


The structure of the Muslim life: confidence, petition, worry for the poor, self-decontamination, and the journey to Makkah for the individuals who are capable. 1) FAITH   2) PRAYER  3) ZAKAAT   4) THE FAST   5) PILGRIMAGE (HAJJ)


Our Islamic Studies Courses

  • Islamic Aqeedah
  • Pillars of Islam
  • Islamic Moral Values
  • Daily Islamic Supplications (Dua)
  • Hadees and Fiqah
  • How to perform prayer in Islam
  • Allah and Profit Name with Meaning
  • Life of Mohammad (S.W.S) and his education

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